Friday, March 24, 2006

This is what happens when you work for a Cocksucker...

Friends, what follows is a poor reconstruction, a post-mortem in fact, of an endeavor that became misadventure. The pages below were rendered during the pinnacle of my earlier career in comics which then became an unexpected and abrupt twilight. Working for a string of small, yet robust, publishers I made the acquaintance of a young and promising writer of the Romance Fiction genre looking for his first chance to write for the Action Hero genre. He had an idea of combining the popular costumed hero comic of the North Americans with the perverse, monster, crime and fiend genre many have come to know as Japanese Comics, or Manga. We talked about some of our needs for the story and hero; location and motivation for the series. Then we discussed the title. We agreed on the title. Then we needed to classify the genre, as this was surely a thing never seen before. This young, idealistic and talented pensmith who sat before me then uttered a word that forever changed the world of illustrated hero fiction; we would call the genre "SMASHMOUTH". I fainted, then came to, on fire with the possibilities of the project.
The next hurtle would be getting approval and funding for the idea; the resources and talent that this book would require would could be daunting and might scare the publisher into canning the project before it got to paper. Again, inspiration and pure drive brought us to the perfect solution in dealing with the unpredictable president of the comic juggernaut that was Comico, Andrew Rev,..."Fuck him."
Oh, and that young writer? The man who penned four sinew-ripping, nostril-stabbing, heart-squishing issues of the legendary series known as "RED DRAGON"? None other than Mr. Brian Azzerello, hizzelf! We kicked major ass, if I may say so myself. It was fun and wrong and we totally did it covertly. Andrew Rev was not on board with the project until we showed a preview to a visiting group of reviewers visiting the Comico offices. They took one look at Red Dragon and knew that this was what they wanted to see more of. I got to ink the first issue and Simon Bisley did the cover art. I don't want to get into the demise of the series, four pages shy of completing the fourth issue. Let me, instead share some scans of Xeroxes made on Comicos' shabby-ass copier; this is all that's left, thank you Andrew. A wise, wise man, he.
There a smattering of other pages that I can't seem to make sense of as far as the continuity; I'll post those in a subsequent blog. This book and working with Azz were a complete and utter BLAST!
All I can say about the abbreviated run of Red Dragon is this; "Y'all motherfuckas was robbed!"


mrj said...

Great stuff Tony. Thanks.

Fred Schiller said...

Outstanding stuff, Tony. You knocked my socks off and the cats have run off with them.

I'm a bit confused, tho. Did any of the issues see print? Can I head over to eBay and pick up the first issue?

This stuff is too hot to keep from the public. If you have complete copies of the issues you need to letter them up and copy them off as mini-comics. They sell big at the cons, especially something of this caliber. Don't keep this a secret any longer.

Oh, on another note, I've posted a story idea on my blog that I need your opinion on. You're fairly well read and I need to know if anything about my story is original.

Keep up the outstanding work.


Tony Akins said...

Yes, Fred. The first issue saw print. It has an ass-wrenching cover by Simon Bisley.
I do consider grafting together the remains of the series. Much to my regret, most of the ori-...fuck, ALL of the original art for issues2-3 was lost when Rev fucked off when the Sherriffs Department raided the Comico offices. I'll talk with Azz. See if he wants to rescript to pages.

Anonymous said...

The Sharif's department?! Andrew Rev?
Wow. I never heard this tale...holy crap.
Do tell the tale, dated as it may be, my good man.


Andrew Dimitt said...

no shit, we were robbed...I remember telling Rev at the time that "Red Dragon" was by far a better choice for a 'flagship' book to start a Comico rebirth than the "Oblivion" series...but i guess they were sort'a locked into it for better or worse.

that's the first i've heard about the Comico offices having been raided...damn...heh...that whole experience remains a bizzare one:)

thanks for the kind words in my blog brother...more soon