Thursday, March 23, 2006

Cauldron Try-out

Cauldron was a yet-to-be -published series in the early stages of spin-up when I was invited to take a stab at becoming the series penciller. It had all the "stuff" that I love; mecha,techa,chica-gothica, and horra. A coven of hottie witches that had some bumpin' sci-"fly" equipment and the ability to use it sounded cool to me. Well...I didn't get the job. The series was renamed and published as"The Witching".
Here's what I did. Please, please keep in mind that this is the first attempt at drawing from actual scripted story (by Jonathan Vankin, who would be my editor on the "Hellblazer:Papa Midnight" series) in like 9 years; so was a little rusty at the format.



Norm Dwyer said...

Crazy good stuff Tony!
Love the tummy and hips on the top drawing. Very good *drool* anatomy!

The comic page is fine. GREAT composition... and a well drawn aircraft. Imagine that.

TMALO70 said...

Man these are SuhWeeeeet!!!

Great character and vehicle designs, I agree with Norm on the page composition... Snagged these up fo' inspiration and study laters... Their loss as far as I'm concerned... It's probably why I constantly see that "The Witching" hasn't soldout, and PaPa Midnite is... Now I will laugh like the villain in those old Shaw Bros. Kung-Fu flicks... MWUUAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! Right!!! Mr. Akins, your Kung-Fu,is, Great... But it is no match for my Slouching Posture, Hidden Love Handles... I need help...


Hart said...

Man-O-Man! Very nice stuff Tony!

I want to know if you sell your art..also if you do comissions. Please email me.

shield51 (at)