Thursday, March 16, 2006

Bursting at the Links

I so want to load art from Jack of Fables; but the book is not out until sometime in the late Spring, early Summer. I'm nearing the end of the first 5 issue story arc, and there are some really, really awesome things that occur; my hat goes off to Bill Willingham and Matt Sturges, the writers of Jack. They keep me on my toes and hopefully they feel confident in my abilities as an artist in bringing "it" to the page. I do have to say that I've discovered my first true pet peeve thanks to these two; chain-link fences. You'll see what I'm talking about when the series starts. Essentially, it's an obstacle (no pun intended). At a long distance, in a drawn scene, the link detail of a fence can be overlooked; maybe a small, deliberately spotted cross-hatch can suffice in communicating the detail of the interwoven mesh. But at a medium to close distance, this mesh becomes an interfering pattern, that MUST be executed pretty exactly in order not to look like caa-caa (that's shit). Plus the incidence/interval of intersecting lines cause horrible "noise" and nearly obliterates any drawing (Lord forbid there's characters emoting on the far side of the fenceline as I have had) that the link pattern has to appear over. As you'll see (eventually) I have no problem drawing the details of the fence when the link are in the extreme foreground; the POV of the "camera" allowing the reader a clear view of the subject, unobscured and nicely framed by the diamond-shaped opening in the fence. So my solution is to simply ignore the goddamned links, except in the extreme close-up. It will be one of those peculiar aspects of my art; like Romita giving every other woman he draws on every tenth page of a Marvel comic three ears. Look at it this ways,yo...what I leave out in fencing, I give so much more in earrage.
Above is a photo of a lad from last years Chicago Convention. I was thrilled to see an attendee dressed as a character from "FABLES". He's Flycatcher, aka the Frog Prince. I sent this along to Shelly at Vertigo and she may use it down the line.
I'm hoping that someone takes a cue from Jack of Fables and dresses as a "Bagman". I can't tell you what that is because it would be hard to kill you from here, just using this blog.
Well, I have to get this day going, f'real-like; comics to draw, y'know.

...evil and madness await. Evil and madness.

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ShojinStudios said...

Woa for a second there I thought it was Jack! disguised as the frog prince in order to distract us from his true whereabouts, Then again I also mistook him at first glance for Richard Greico, Damn crack is playing trix on me again! That does it I'm joining the Peace Corps and getting drunk in Guatemala! Oh by the way Tony thanks for the link post,