Sunday, March 12, 2006

I knew he'd BONE us!

...and HOW did I know exactly?
Well, for one thing he's Cylon-whipped; secondly...
He did everything EXACTLY the way I would have done it.
Saw the writing on the wall...the writing on the wall.


ShojinStudios said...

AKEY! YOU ROCK! awesome art really cool to see your stuff again! Hey is that Jim Carey?? Oh and good to have you back bloggin'!

TMALO70 said...

First off, No Juan, that's not Jim Carrey... It's Richard Grieco, for the "Booker" movie... Where he'll reprise his role as the spinoff character from "21 Jump Street" ... I hear they are currently negotiatin' to get Peter Deluise into the movie too... I can't wait...


21 Jump Street Rules!!!