Wednesday, March 29, 2006

It's ON, babies!!!

If you were paying attention to the State of the Union address or have watched Oprah, Larry King, Entertainment Tonight, 360 with Anderson Cooper or The Daily Show with Jon Stewart you surely know that the new series I've been working on for the last 8 months "Jack of Fables" is due out this Summer. Co-written by series creator Bill Willingham and Matthew Sturges, this is a spin-off from Vertigo/DC's monthly title "Fables". I hope you folks like what's in store. I'm pencilling and the talented Andrew Pepoy is inking his heart out. Danny Vazzo is masterfully handling the color and Todd Klein's lettering will make Hugh Hefner regret nearly ALL of his life choices. I love this book. PHUCK-KING-LOVE-THIS-BOOK. Not because it's my first series ever; but because there's such great shit to draw in this bad mutha. Shelly Bond, who does indeed rock, is editor. She is also editor for the original series which is hitting it's 60th issue shortly and has had several Eisners awarded to it. I'll get clearance on art that I can show so I can post it. But in the's the cover to issue one. Which is another thing that rocks about this title; James Jean is the cover artist!
Go to and check the chat and maybe contribute some of you own.


Fred Schiller said...

Silly rabbit...Rust was your first series. Sorta. If you had drawn it when you shoulda.

That aside, I couldn't be happier for you Tony. I can't wait until you start posting pages, which I can print out and staple together into a mini version of the comic so I won't have to shell out $3.95.

Oh, it's most certainly on...

Hart said...

Fred, send some my way and I'll sell 'em on ebay as "Limited Editions"! I'll make a killin'! Heh ;^)

Tony, I'm looking forward to your new series.
So...Bring IT! And Bring it HARD!

- Hart