Saturday, March 25, 2006

Here, this. I will make you COOL (black) just like me.

I've Googled the solicitation of the trade paperback collection of Vertigos' "Hellblazer:Papa Midnight". It should be on the shelves shortly. You should go buy it. You should buy it because, unknown to me, the series (which was written by Mat Johnson,"Bounce","Hunting In Harlem") was "critically acclaimed". Which is code for underexposed, undersold but worth a read. I'd buy it. Buy it and I'll keep drawing's that? I'd like a nice royalty check. Pay some taxes, pay some bills. Maybe buy a faster computer so I can draw using my wacom. You know, buy a couple of copies and spread the love, give the book to a friend. Say, "This is amazing. I wept." or something. Read it on the bus, or in the park. There's black folk (Negroes) in the book. Hell, it's FULL of Negroes. All kinds; Nubians, Ashanti, Ghanan...even a triflin' negro or two. I drew my black ass OFF making this bitch. Just BUY the damn thing,yo? Dag....


ShojinStudios said...

By the GREAT GODS of NIPPLE NIRVANA!!!GAAWWWWD I love your stuff Tony! Man! don't know if I've told you this but really man you are an inspiration! awesome stuff and now that I've gotten the fanboy outta me..phew!, when we gonna see some Jack doodles!?

Tony Akins said...

Well, it's as good a time as any to announce this; Jack of Fables will be solicited in May for release this Summer. I just found out Thursday. The show is ON! I'll post some JoF stuff in the near future as I clear it with Shelly. We'll probably have the cover of Preview.
I'll blog directly about this.
Thanks Juan.

Hart said...

Hey Tony! Kick ass work! I'll be sure to pick up the trade and spread the word for ya.

I still want to talk to you about buying some of your art and getting a commission or two.

Maybe I can help ya pay some bills/taxes/coffee/etc.


- Hart ( )

Tony Akins said...

Hey,thanks Hart. I think that you won't be disappointed.