Friday, March 17, 2006

OW! My Chops! Which you are busting, like a hitting person, on me...

More mf's gettin' toe up. Including ME; I have to say that I was out of order in an earlier blog by not crediting Raf Nieves for the story/concept for which I drew this art. The pitch, "Tank"...well, tanked; that sci-fi stigma I mentioned earlier. But it's a kick-ass story as only Raf can do! Thanks, for checkin' my shit, brah. Raf and I are presently working on another project that is sure to get high marks. Go to Raf's blog to see if he talks about it because I won't here (yet) because "all I know is Vertigo...". But it's gonna kick-ass, trust me.


TMALO70 said...

Ya' Know... When the "TANK" does eventually comes out, those "Nay Sayers" will rue the day that they said, "Nay"... Big Dummies...


Anonymous said...

I'd love to see some short "Tank" adventures,
in this extremely keen thumbnail/rough
online format. Cool as all hell.

-Barry C