Saturday, March 11, 2006

I Hate You ALL!!! (not really,though)

So what happens? The first decent weather in the city in a few months and people go ape-shit. I've just returned to the airport, dropping Elizabeth off for her flight to Paris. I have to tell you that there were plenty of yahoos out tooling around in their cars and suvs for no reason, apparently, other than it's something to do on a nice Saturday. Plenty of accidents along the way involve fair-weather-addled motorists out for a joy-slam. Plenty of the "wearin'o'da'green" (already?! What the phuck, Ludwig?) Some mother's son almost hit me coming back into the city. I wished for a paint-ball gun filled with pellets gorged with egg yolks. Jack-ass.
Hey! I'm blogging, again; put to shame by Tony M over at LonelyRiceChronicles...AND I'll load images for you.
How's that shit? Here's something old from a sketchbook; scanned by none other than Caitlin Drake McKay of Devil's Due (check out last weeks Chicago Reader to see a photo of Caitlin, who's very cute, and read about the phuckt-up awesomeness that Devil's Due is droppin' on the comics scene). Speaking of comics, sinced I last blogged I've been assigned to a monthly book at Vertigo/DC. It's called "Jack of Fables" (JoF) and features the uber-mook, Jack of the Tales (Jack Horner, the Giant-Slayer, be Nimble, etc.,ect.), in his own (mis)adventures following his exile from Fabletown in the "Fables" storyline. It's written by Bill Willingham and Matthew Struges, who are two very,very talented students over at Roosevelt Franklin Junior High. Andrew Pepoy is on the inks. I'm into issue number 5 already. My editor, the magnificent and well-dressed Shelly Bond, seems pleased...and that's all that really matters, right?
You buy it when it comes out this summer; that's all I'm sayin', yo.
So this old sketch is something I wish I had been driving this afternoon. I would have blasted someone's ass with, pulse-cannon-thingie in the back there, I would've.
Go to and checkout some of the chat. Then come back and tell me about what's happening because I never read it thoroughly enough, myself..I can't keep up with those verbose and talented guys. I try not to do "press"...I'll read it only when I'm feeling a good spike on the self-loathing chart and feel the urge to punish myself. Yes, yes; definately a rise in the incidence of neurosis when drawing a monthly book. I'll fill you all in later. Looking at this old art reminds of when it so important to me that I draw nattily dressed individuals of a martialist persuasion, prepared to do damage and look good while doing it!!! Oh,SNAP. Oh, BLAM! OK, I'll blog at you later.


TMALO70 said...

YES!!! YES!!! YES!!!

This is what I'm talkin' about Akey... Puttin' some of that Sweet-Ass Art up, for the masses to take in... Droppin' a few words O' Wisdom and Pluggin' yourself... Nice ReStart my Man... I'm very excited about this...


TMALO70 said...

And I'm so stoked about your "Jack of Fables" book... Thanks for the info...

Congrats Akey!!!


ShojinStudios said...

I say for our next PM meet we all dress up in combat uniforms armed with paintball guns(if you're cheap like me, then a pocket full of rubberbands and paperclips!) and just go RED DAWN in this biotch! YEA! DIE YUPPIE DIE! then we can all go out for donuts and call it a day. Next morning we can read all about it in the minutes section written by Tony M and have a good chuckle over some stale strawberry filled half eaten donuts. Dunno? sounds like a plan to me!