Thursday, March 23, 2006


While working I'll use folded sheets of 8.5x11 or comicbook backing board or scrap bristol as a layer of protection betweem my drawing hand and the page just to prevent smudging. I call these papers "dragsheets" for some reason. Anyway, from time to time fun stuff winds up on the scrap( and I don't mean my idea for an evil Simian-Cetaceous(?) Alliance against mankind; yes, armed monkeys riding dolphins).
Well, you couldn't have been any more surprised than I when Batman appeared somehow...He kept making visits over the course of two weeks. Here're just a couple of the scribbles; plus a none related one just cause the girl is boomin'.
Hope you like these,Fred.


Fred Schiller said...

Thanks, Tony! You know what I like best about The Batman? He hunkers better than any other character in comics. I guess it's tough to have good posture while wearing a batsuit.

Your story about your dragsheets made me thing of my old pal Tom Morgan. While drawing comics whenever he sharpened his pencil he would do a quck little doodle to take the point off his pencil. Lots of times his doodles were much better than the page of Captain Jawbreaker, or whatever he was drawing at the time.

Correct me if I'm wrong, but you're a member of the Lefty club, correct? I could see why lefties would need a drag sheet.

Later, tater.

Norm Dwyer said...

love the standing stoic Batman draped by da cape. Very Aparo-esque... the great '70s Aparo work.