Tuesday, February 07, 2012

The New 52! Wonder Woman #5

Here are some scans of the process, revision and resolution for Wonder Woman#5 for DC Comics. As usual what you will see here are the breakdowns or "thumbnails" that I do as I read through script and plan the layout and balloon placement, check story flow, yadda yadda... Do note that most of Diana's faces are not the faces that were seen in print. Editorial decided that I needed to toe the line a bit closer to what the lead artist on the book, the terrific Cliff Chiang, was presenting. Made sense to me. So the way Diana appears on these pages are actually the way Brian Azzerello and I thought she should appear based on discussions and demos in months prior; the classical Greek profile of a warrior-goddess.
After noodling the big title panel on page two I was struck by the similarity this shot has with the opening to "Sunset Boulevard"; Bill Holden floating dead in the pool. It totally worked, though.
You have eyes, you can see where opportunity or common sense has stepped in to change things around. Page 13, I still REALLY want to crank that out because I enjoyed the pacing of it and how I got to use the sfx to become cues for the panels; nice tension build. But the panel count was too high and Brian had a cow...literally, he had a cow. Named it Bessie and she's gonna make a fine veal cutlet in a week or two... As with anything, there's a learning curve. I give superhero books grief, sure, but the Men and Women that create them and create them WELL are Creators of the highest order. My next issue will have fewer missteps and be more solid than a punch in the nose, I promise you. So stay with me! 8kins


toodiesel said...

Hey Tony

Thanks so much for posting these. Wonder Woman #5 is one of the most gorgeous comics I've ever seen. I LOVE your rendering, and interesting to see the issue with WW's face. There's great drama, cheesecake and some action...really perfect issue. The last page with the two minotaurs walking amongst civilians was soooo foreboding and the panel with Hera (?) was a great way to mix some humor into such a striking image.

Keep up the great work, and do you have a con schedule?



Tony Akins said...

Thank you so much, Damjan. I love bring so many mixed elements to a book like Wonder Woman. I'll try my best to keep you engaged and reading!