Thursday, June 22, 2006

Saturday, June 03, 2006

Gaming Haze, er...Daze. DAYS!

More virtual hardware from our friends at Chewy Software. These are concept sketches for the ingame assets used and bled for by players. Basically, I'd thumbnail ideas on anything, napkins, typing paper...sometimes in an actual sketchbook.
Do a little refining, nothing too involved to...OH! Fireworks over the lake. Hang on!

OK, then I'd use 20%, 40%,60% grey Ad Markers to begin the actual drawings on marker paper (the reverse side of the paper takes the dye better). 20% for the initial sketch then detail and resolve the drawing with 70% or black marker.

Had to design assloads of random shit. The art asset list was phuckin' endless. This is a fraction of the stuff we thought of to kill/cheat death with; sniper kits, body armor; counter measures...even burning bags of doggie doo.

I don't recall what exactly this boot does; leaves a print in ass possibly.

Fuel pods..

More Fuel Containers..

This is your Mama.

Jim Woodring On Blogspot!!!!

Man, oh man! I really enjoy Woodrings' art and, um.."stories". I try not to think too much about it because sometimes I find myself fending off things like charging, luminous, sabre-toothed kangaroos (or, fuck, maybe it was a Wallabee, idunno) in my dreams. Yeah. THAT happened Wednesday night, thank you. I woke up yelping. Normally E. pats me soothingly during a nightmare; that night she just half-rolled over and said, "Shut-UP!" I thought the dream was so absurd (and yes, cool/awesome) that I fell back to sleep chuckling.
Yes, the title is a link. GO FOO-EL!

Friday, June 02, 2006

Boilerplate; Nominee For Eisner Award

My good friend and colleague, Paul Guinan has been nominated for an Eisner Award in the "Best Painter" category. He and his lovely muse/wife Anina Bennett have worked together since the late Devonian; they are dedicated and prolific comic creators. Paul and I have collaborated in the past; Aliens:Colonial Marines and Andrew Vaachs' "Hard Looks", both under the Dark Horse banner. Click on the title to be taken to their website BIG RED HAIR.

The BoilerPlate work is astonishing, to say the least. I constantly fret over the abandonment of wet media for digital, but this is a very good argument for the latter. A few years back I ran into Pauls dad, Bob Guinan. "Have you seen Paul's article in US News and World Report?" No. I found a copy and saw that the Boilerplate page of Pauls website had taken an assload of hits by actual "experts" in history and "shit" wanting to know how and where Paul had uncovered the existence of a steam-powered robot.

LOL, Paul, is very diligent and thorough about his research. By grounding the fictive elements of the site with a convincing strata of history, copious links to some relevant and authoritative pages and MAD-ASS Photoshop skills to pull of some photographic tricks, Boilerplate became a hoax of note; although, inadvertently. Paul never intended to pull the wool over anyone's eyes; he simply wanted to create a seamless backstory. Done and done.
Cheers to Boilerplate; and I look forward to seeing Paul and Anina at San Diego...Eisner in hand.

Here's a Pin-up I contributed to Hearbreakers before Boilerplate made the team. Carnage is such fun.

X-Men 3: The Last Stench

I'll TELL you what I won't stand for; I will not tolerate the energy of one more photon being expended so that the same images I saw flickering across the screen this evening can stimulate the rods and/or cones of some other unfortunate moviegoers' retinae.
"Retinae", plural, right?

the "Last Strand" is more like it.

Thursday, June 01, 2006

"What Did You Do In The Gaming Industry, Daddy?"

What?! Who the hell are you? I ain't your daddy! Gaming? Bes' step awf, peewee. I've got some gaming stuff from our friends at Chewy Software...but not today. So gape at this page from last years sketchbook; lol, I sound so bitter! I should pity these poor moops that are slaves to their biological impulse. Don't get me wrong, I love kids...just keep them out of my way, and quiet while I'm enjoying my promenade, yo. I actually saw two babies battling from their respective strollers, like phucking age of sail men-o-war passing on the high seas. The parents just had that stunned, overwhelmed look that I so enjoy on the faces of parents. Did I mention that I get NINE HOURS of sleep a night? Muhwhahahahah!!!! Well, like I said. I love kids...I'm just smart enough not to have any. Not making a judgement on those of you who do! But GOD KNOWS some of you idiots should have been sterilized at puberty...keep you from spreading your demon seed...God help you.

Here's an example of what Brian Azzarello makes me do; "I want you to draw this...." Fine. Now I have this artifact. Enjoy.

Oh, here's something righteous; this is a design from what would have been my tenure on "Rune". Don't ask.


Go Apeshit, Young...Ape

Way back when, I was working on a series of covers for a Planet of The Ape line of comics. I can't recall who the publisher was then. But whoever you were; here's what the next cover would have looked like had you not gone under. The first cover saw the light of day and can be seen in a previous blog; it's more of a "traditional" or standard theme for them bad monkeys of the future. For the cover shown here, I somehow got to do this wild-assed Western theme....
I don't remember the story or writer at all; the editor probably just talked me through what was needed over the phone.
If I had my 'druthers, I'd work this bad boy up. Man, how can these guys open so many cans of Whup-ass without opposable thumbs?
Huhn...go figure.

Franky and the Martlets

I've about recovered from seeing "Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow". One day I may even find it in my heart to forgive.
In the meantime, here's a nice shot of Franky in formation with her flight of Martlets.

...and this is another grab from my pile of sketches; a non-conventional configuration for a prop driven fighter done long before the film. It's nothing earth-shattering, anyone that has a reasonable grasp of aircraft from the period would have stumbled along the same design eventually. I just enjoy the similarities the film display to my design, even down to the Commonwealth roundel forward of the cockpit. Of course my aircraft NEVER go aquatic.

...and here's a REAL Martlet. Salute!!!