Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Hilarity Ensues

Hilarity Ensues
So, I'm on the "event horizon" of a major family reunion that's being held here in Chicago. Eightysome-odd folks from five countries; a good deal of whom I've never met. Peeps from the local environs, Ny, NJ, California, Canada, Jamaica and Holland.
About a quarter of the people attending, until a few months ago, had no idea that they were of partial African descent. One of my great,great,great uncles, one Mr. C. O'Meally, arrived here in the states in the 20's from Jamaica and intergrated himself into the "non-colored" spectrum of American Society. In other words, as we say in the hood, " He was 'passing.'"
(note: I don't really live in the 'hood' but that read great didn't it!?) So, I'm looking forward to meeting all my newly discovered cousins, aunts and uncles. From many of the emails I've read, they're equally as excited! A few are tickled to meet Professor Robert O'Meally of Columbia U., the noted Jazz expert, whom has always been a favorite relation of mine ( I hold he and his wife accountable for my life in the Arts). Enough said. Hey, does this entry mean I'm back on the blogging horse?