Friday, May 30, 2008

Jack Candle (Issue#22 Stand-down)

I'm methodical. Much of the managing of drawing an issue of Jack relies on method;initial script read;re-read notes;breaksdowns (another passive read through, here. Fuck!) Light roughs, tightening...

This keeps me in the "flow" if you can call it that. So when I confront the gap between issues it helps to spin-down for a few hours. Here's the art I made as JoF#22 showed it's heels. Inks will be posted soon.

M and the Zoo 2

After intimidating a driver whose car CLEARLY was not going to fit into the cubby-hole spot along Cannon drive, we (M, her Echo and myself) slid into gap between Jeep and Chevrolet and proceeded to the Zoo;after no small amount of gloating ("Think you can come from Montana and park here?!...Bitch,please!"). We were really hopped up on Razzles.
Here's M, beaming next to the spot. I completely adore her.

Yeah...It's like this ALL the time.

Ducks. Ducks Fucking. Fucking Ducks. Well, fuck-a-duck.
M ALWAYS gets a great show at the zoo!

So it is officially Summer,even if the weather here is a little unco-operative.
Of course I'm not ready. People are being assholes in traffic. I hate you surly fucks; makes me thankful for -10 windchills sometimes. A plague on your Hearts!
None of that anytime soon, though. I've been too fucking busy to get outside much. I've just put Jack#23 out the door and I'm now experiencing that void that leaves me at a lose of purpose. I'll work on commissions and some other projects that have been back-burnered. Hart your commision goes out this weekend, so you can call off the hounds. Oppy, your piece will get put in the mail. Migs, patient Migs,
there's something extra for you for the long wait.

Hail, Fabledom!

Sunday, May 11, 2008

WTF, Akins?!

That scramble was TOTALLY my fault. Uploading of images was reset to "right" and I missed it. So deal, yo! :~)

WTF, Blogger?!

Um...sorry about the mishmash below readers. So deal, yo!
I'm not reposting this bitch!