Friday, March 23, 2007

Jack of Fables#the EIGHTH (with some Breaks)

I'm confused (what's new?)...My overdeveloped Sapien/squared cortex is stumped; where are the rest of the breaks for this issue? Maybe I didn't do breaks? Have I become so proficient at this job that I can drop pages without thumbnails? I REALLY, REALLY doubt it. As they say at Vertigo," We'll fix it in the trades."

Yes, I was as surprised and saddened at Holly Wagner-Trick's death as anyone. She was a keeper.
Jack, I'm glad to see, likes to mix it up when it comes to knuckle opera; punching a guy so hard in the ribs and guts that he sings when the air in his lungs pass explosively back and forth through the larynx. I love that sound. Causing it, not emitting it myself.
"Knuckle Opera", "Leather Enema"...I got a ton of cute terms for kicking the crap of some poor schmoe. Belgians seem to have earned the rancor of Bill and Matt somehow.
They're cool by me. They sure dress weird though.

Holly had a UNICORN on her shirt initially. The swing to Pegasus occur after the issue was well under way.

Aubrey and Jody, to me, are great Mundy counterparts to Jack and Gary. The "Aubrey's Blog" feature is pure gold (no pun). I hope to keep seeing more of these two.

This has got to be one of my favorite pages; not only do I get to revisit that Highway Scene from ish#1, but there's my pal Tom from Graham Cracker Comics as "Comic Shop Mike" in panel #4 (in the Green Lantern shirt). THEN, to top things off, there's that magnificent diagram of the malted milk ball that Bill and Matt wrote in (I couldn't resist getting the Deathstar in the shot). PLUS in panel five (this is hard to see in the actual issue), the SUV that's gone airborn has an upright and secure Grande' Latte being ejected through the open sunroof.

This short fight scene was fun. I like it as much if not better than the Bigby/Frankenstein Knuckle Opera in "War Stories", a FIVE page fight scene if I recall.

The horse fetish with Lady Luck is a happy accident. I was looking for more arty pieces for her swanky house and settled on this theme since it had obvious relations to gambling or betting. Turns out her story of the lose of her potency through a knights' quest had it's own equestrian vein. Nice fit(no pun, again). The winged sculpture is based on Durer's etching of the Goddess Fortuna (thanks, B&M).

This ECU of the Geezer Wagner has gotten a lot of remarks. So I'm cutting back on the cute girls and
cranking out more geezers.

So, from here to the Page 22 I'm going to have to let you press on without those beautiful thumbnailed breaks. I'm sure you'll be fine.

Damn! If I could find the breaks you'd see the 3-4 versions of this page that I submitted to Shelly. I believe we settled on the correct one
Look a vampire

Friday, March 02, 2007

Totoro Bus Fans

J'ne parle pas Fran├žaise, mais le site pour la chat Vroom Vroom Pur est tre bien. Regarde' mon frites. J'adore le filme "Mon Neighbour Totoro", c'est bon, non? Oui! (Idiots!), LE chat l'autobus il est mon favourite voiture. Il nous va VROOM VROOM est a fuel pour, how you say...PARAKEETS!
So scoot on over to (or just select the title above) to see more examples of the bus and read some real good fran├žais, mon idiot frites! LOL! I just noticed the site is in SPANISH! Man, I speak THAT even worse.

Thursday, March 01, 2007

Moleskine,Moleskine On The Wall

Here's some scrapes from an overlooked volume. I can never decide what to post lately. I'm happily tooling along on Jack Of Fables; I hope you're enjoying it as much as I am. I think of YOU while I'm working on it. So if it sucks you're to blame for not lurving it enough. But, you do lurv Jack doncha, ya crazy bastards.
Bless you all.
Buy lots of the TPB; at least two. Spread that lurv like buttah, bay-bay.
Tell Tony your dreams and wishes. He'll make them come true (on paper)...
Until you figure out what those dreams and wishes are...have some sketches, relax. But PLEASE, keep your trousers and bras on.