Monday, July 31, 2006

Harbor Egress Noxum Mandus

I Live Yet.
Between 247A and 341A, my 3rd time wandering from bed sleepless, I sat down to the old Moleskine for solace.
In half sleep I was finding it easier to break away from the tried and tired things that normally ramble through my head and find their way onto the page.
The ferocious deity on the left hand page kinda wigged me a bit...So out of some sort of ad hoc piety I left the opposite page open for him to write my destiny.
Christians; NEWSFLASH..."No GOD Before ME" means precisely that.
When confronted by crazy, meet it head-on.
My friend Mike calls these days, "The Shank of Summer"...
It's 100 degrees out. Jehovah's Witnesses are bursting into flames in mid-salutation.
Winter is Kindred; un cour en hiver.
Summer kills is all I'm saying.
So who's going to the Con this weekend?
Notice that I'm blogging?
Rereading Neal Stephenson's "The Diamond Age".
Pretending that I'm living 40 years in the future and I'm fortunate enough to be granted temporal license to revisit these days; it seems to help.