Sunday, October 29, 2006

I'm A Believer!

Todays' article in the Chicago Tribune about the lengthy waits for patenting that nanotech developers have to endure capped my week of expounding upon the wonders (and potential horrors) that are coming our way. The world as we know it will change SO completely it boggles my mind. What will it be called, this new age? Stephenson refers to it as the "Diamond" Age.
Or is the "2nd Atomic Age" more correct, as these products will be atomically perfect?
Boggle, boggle.

Jack of Fables Issue #4 Pencils&Breakdowns

Is this getting too predictable? I hope that this is still interesting to you; seeing these scribbles even though you hold the glorious finished product in your hands. By now, I'm feeling fairly comfortable (my Grandmother used to pronounce that as "comfort-tahble") in having Bill and Matts' ideas spill onto the very, very blank page in front of me. Trust me, without the breakdown process I would have folded months ago. Plus, Shelly Bonds' preference for straightforward panel layout is something that I appreciate as it allows me to concentrate on what's INSIDE the panels rather than spending bandwidth on clever panel layout (I started a gaming company, I can legitimately use "bandwidth").
Anyway, I hope that you enjoy this entry. I'm fairly sure(Bill) that there aren't any spoilers lurking in the margins. The breakdown for Page 6 is duped for some reason without and significant changes (due to batching?)
Note the change that occurred on Page 18. Just because you hand an issue in doesn't mean you're done with it. I expect calls from Shelly with changes to panels in the hours prior to printing. I don't mind, truly.

Happily I got to exploit the views of the Mr. T. in these panels. The "Sturginghams" requested the racing number but I just HAD to add the mudflaps (almost went with Yosemite Sam saying "Back Off!")

Yes, that IS Bruce Lees' fighting stance, thank you.

JoF 4 Breakdowns follow below...
I really work to squeeze the art in around the dialog; it's very important that the balloons track easily.

Friday, October 06, 2006

OZ Park

Each morning as I survey my kingdumb, I generally look over to the west to watch dogs getting run in a nearby park.
On some days the park serves as a rehearsal area for the Lincoln Park High School Marching Band.
On weekends there are the usual games of softball and frisbee.
These things happen in Oz Park. You would think that I would have written about this before considering my association with FABLES.
There are actually sculptures in the park representing several of the more important inhabitants of OZ. I'll get photos and post them later.
In my profile I list my location as just South of the Oz Gateway; Bill places the portal from OZ far up in Canada.
In truth Baum wrote the original stories on Michigan Avenue, about 3.4 miles south of my building. That puts me NORTH of the point of origin, I guess.

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Interlude: and the Nobel Prize goes to...

Here's my good friend and former intern Caitlin Drake McKay. This was last year at WizardSquirrel'd Chicago. She thought the guy in the suit was actually a Halo commando; he died seconds later when the sticky grenade she's placing on his back detonated.
Caitlin rocks.
She is presently the High Priestess of internet sales at Devil's Due Publishing. Go, GO buy lots of shit from her.
She is ALSO the punkie/arty muse for the Cottingley Fairies.

You can thank Steven Speilberg and Tom "I'm WAY Undermedicated" Cruise for not being able to see what this sketch
is associated with.

TWO words

...Weaponized Fudge.

My Breakdowns for Jack#3

Cindy M. of axed a very good question. Which I'm going to dodge and simply post these breakdowns as explanation. All I'll say is this; word balloons and captions come FIRST> Why have the reader guess at what he/she has to read next (the way that your about to chase this blog entry for coherence, sorry; it loaded not good). I guess in "posterized" comics, where every panel is a money-shot that's not important. For me and your friends at Vertigo, it is.

Now That I Have Your Attention...

Every Catholic Schoolboy has a fond remembrance of a favorite nun. BTW, There's a NEW post AFTER/BELOW the JoF#3 pencils. It was a draft and when I published it, it retained the draft date. So go, look! If you dare.