Thursday, April 29, 2010

For Your Consideration...

Julie, George...welcome to my humble blog. Please feel free to trove the older post to find various examples of my work; sketches, concepts and such...

Friday, April 23, 2010

Western Wizard

There's Jonah Hex artwork in my files from twenty years ago...Way back, a few writers wanted to resurrect the character and I made samples for the trials. Just a few pages, mind you...but I come across them from time to time. Old friends.
So I was surprised by the face I was confronted with when I did a new sample when Jimmy Palmiotti recently asked for one. The peaked hat is more like that of a wizard's and the leer seems to be where I like it.


One of the pluses with being on the Fables/Jack of Fables Team is the community of fans gathered around both titles. Cindy McShane was generous enough to commission pieces related to the titles. Here's the first one delivered. Michelle Ho was there (at C2E2 in Chicago this past week) and taped the exchange. Bill Willingham, the recipient, was pleased I think. The piece revisits Bigby Wolf's two-part recounting of his experiences behind enemy lines in WW2. I can't recall the exact issue numbers. More to come!