Tuesday, January 29, 2008


Brown Line to Francisco Station.
Rain. Sun. Snow. Day and Night. Training to the studio.
Training from the studio.
Watching for the new graffiti by rooftop ass-clowns.
I should put a paintball anti-tagging team together and collect some bounty on their punk-poseur asses. Yeah YOU, blanco nino!
First ice in the river. First bloom on the Acacias in Ravenswood.
Any cat loitering in a window above an alley. Hello.
I'm sorta bored but always have the music to color the thoughts and non-thoughts. Great for blocking the cellphone conversations of angry Serbian women, or the chatter teenagers.
NOTHING blocks out the thoughtwaves of the Kreplar-men and their invisible heater-dogs. God help me! HEY! That's MY threshold you're bargaining with, Missus MacKintosh, thank you very much!

Why?...It's gone so QUIET!

Bad, Bad Baby!!!

Children are certainly entertaining. I can spend hours watching them tire themselves out in traffic, or never fail to find a tear come to my eye whenever I hear a toddler say to it's 14year old mother, "Dag, I sent your broke ass out for some damn orange soda and you step back up in this muhfucka wif (baby looks at label, can't read it)... "what the fuck is this?"
I'm not a parent of anything.
They should start issuing parenting licenses from the look of things. That's beside the point. Here's an aborted project (Oh! That's where I was going with this! )...This was my idea of a PSA for print. What did I know, I was 18 here... Not too shabby. It's an unusual drawing as it's COMPLETELY devoid of Spaceships, or people in Spaceships, or people getting blown up by Spaceships. Or Spaceships blowing up other Spaceships. It was a theme I had going back in those days. Whacky 70's...

Oh, scary!

WOW! Such detailed notes! No wonder I colored the cobra Brown and Yellow!

Here's what's interesting (to me at least). That address is my first attempt at hurling myself into professional illustration. I still remember the interview. They were like, "Dude, you're like 17." I was like, "Oh, bitches...you gonna pay for that!"
Nah...wasn't anything like that at all.

They did set a tiger with rabies on fire an threw it at me to test my reflexes. They were REALLY good, so they said I was cool...but still too young.


Sunday, January 20, 2008

Fuck, It's Cold!

Spine-snapping cold! And I'm not someone who feels the cold as easily as most. This shit is cold...Still I relish it a bit. Better a sub-zero day than one at 105 degrees (oh thank you so very much, God). The thermometer in the Volvo sat right at zero degrees and never varied. I wondered if it went below this to show a negative reading. It has to, it's a Swedish car, there should be some national pride behind having readings that display a dipping into the sub-zero temperatures.
I think of that Paul Newman movie, "Quintet". God that was insufferable. They conveyed cold well in that film, if not a plausible future where the world became frozen and barren.

"Hey, Tony...where's the art man?"
Good question. Ever-ree-thing I'm working on is so damned sensitive that I can't show it. But I will be posting art in earnest in two weeks or so. Do hang on!
It will be worth the wait (that's what she said)! I hope.

NO! No! Bad, Bad Intern!

Molly exploits her "unofficial" status by scrawling "Roman" graffiti across the studio chalkboard. Heyo!

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

In-studio Harassment

You that that scene where John Cusack is explaining how the guys that work at his record shop aren't employed there anymore, but they still show up. I know his pain.

Training Day

Rockin'Molly B. was good enough to bring back a lot of swag from the Xmas break. These wrestling masks entertain Tony Maldonado and I for a good bit. Head over to Tony's Flikr Page for more (under LONELY RICE CHRONICLES link to the right).
Yes, sometimes I like to wear a tie, wanna fight about it?