Wednesday, July 07, 2010

Beta-tease for DREAD:TWH

“Time blunts the keenest memory and histories will ignore what cannot be reconciled.
This is how we have come to forget that the first arrival of the Werewolf in the Americas was more an invasion than the affliction that took centuries to creep across the Old World.
The collection of horrors making up this invasion, and those who stood to gain in its success, went largely unnoticed by a native society already deeply pre-occupied and violently divided by a crisis that was literally erupting across their doorsteps and into their homes -the American Civil War.”
“And, as though suffering through the already great privations and predation, the guns, the shelling and the disease weren’t enough to stagger anyone misfortunate enough to be caught in the paths of two great armies bent to mutual destruction, we have to take into account that hard, and I mean very hard on the heels of all the death and of all the ruin…rode the fiend, Jeremy Dyre.”

-Diogenes Wilkens, 1881 Kyoto, Japan

I want to thank all the "beta-readers" that are taking time read the first issue of 'Dread:The Westchapel Horror'. Know that I've picked you because of your Nerd Quotient, your keen sense of story and your unflagging contempt of all convention. Round two will come in short order and then, there comes a calling down of Thunder.
Tony Akins


Drake said...

This is gorgeous. I love how it is inked with the pencils intact. Your incredible skill has built up over time into this truly formidable and strong style! Show em how it is done Tony!!! Mwah! <3

Tony Akins said...

Thank you draKe >wink<
It's surprising to see this "in the flesh". The first issue is being reviewed by my development editor. You'll be reading this shortly, the script at transcribed notes WAY back remember? I'm excited.

rafael said...

Looking forward to more!