Wednesday, August 01, 2007

San Diego Comic-Con 2007

After no little anxiousness about the trip, a few hours of sleep after a record breaking packing, E put me in a cab (she said that she would drive me) for O'Hare Airport. Once there, I found that my 7am flight had been canceled and the only remaining flight THAT DAY was not boarding until 730 pm. Phuck. There's goes my Swag-grab on Preview Night. So I went back home and had a leisurely day of napping and waiting for my later flight.

Back at the airport...ticket and strawberry-banana smoothie in hand!

God...3 and a half hours of this...

Hey, the movie's starting! Hope they've got '30 ROCK' or 'The Office'!

ARRG-Gah!!! Sandra Bulloch!? BLARG!

Korean Guy with a laptop; nice garter action will clear my head after that movie. Meow!

After arrival and cabbing up to the Manchester Grand Hyatt, I met the "the Crew" in the North Tower bar (forever the rally point for all attendees after a day on the convention floor). Bill Willingham, Matt Sturges and Mark Buckingham had already secured a table, a crowd, and generous contribution to both legal occupancy and decible output. Liquor ran like blood in the gutter during a CIA-backed coup! But before things got too out of hand (there'll be plenty of opportunities for crunkeness later...and DRUNKENESS!)it's off to bed, only to rise far too early for my liking; Bill bells the room where Matt and I are staying (just down the hall from the suite he's sharing with his friend Brad Thomte, the Las Vegas Poker Tournament Director)at 8bloodyO'Clock for breakfast...time to shake a leg!

First thing to pass my lips; AIRBOURNE*! Fortifying ones' self against the teeming viral/bacterial output of the massed fandom is a must. A MUST, I say!
(*despite heavy dosing, I still came down with a cold)

Bucky converses far too well at this hour for a man that's just endured a 16 hour flight not ten hours ago. Bill marshals the breakfast orders.

Matt Sturges and Brad Thomte seem to be breathing...barely. Damnit, man! Where's the food!?

What the phuck!? Now he's got a sketchbook in his hands! The man is made of STEEL!
Can nothing stop him!?

Ah! Beautiful SoCal Sun! We're off to the convention floor bright and early. Matt Sturges lets the wind, scented with acacia blossom, play with his dark tresses. A serene moment I will hold in my heart forever...

...because just ahead of us, on this very path, awaits a seething cauldron of Comic Book Culture; fueled by OCD, clinical depression and delusional (yet cute and well-executed) fictional-identity imprinting, comic fans will be relentless in their efforts to shop, trade, seek-out and get sketches from anyone, ANYONE with Sharpie ink on their fingers (just ask Matt).

Hmmm, this reminds my that I have to bone up on my History of The Boxer Rebellion.

Casting one last look back in the direction of sanity, Brad, Bucky and Bill display the stiff upper lip and that rare pedigree of joie de vive that are the crunchy vertebrae of any Comic Creator.
FABLES Fans should note that Brad is indeed the living model for Bluebeard!

Approaching the Jaws of the Beast now! Shhh!

There! That guy there?...He's standing beside the Uvula of the Beast. I swear to God, it waggled and touched my elbow...Eewwwww! (the Uvula, not the guy)

And as our Heroes pass into the cavernous innards of the Convention Center, we must ask ourselves...Where do such Men and Women come from? What mettle they show as they saunter into certain calamity.

Tune in for the continuation of SDCC 2007! Seriously, I've got 200 photos to post...


Fox said...

Wow... wish I could care enough about my life to blog it so thoroughly. Then again, I like to reserve my good stories for actual retellings... after all, there's only six of them in rotation at any one time and I have to use them sparingly.

Tony Akins said...

Oh, Fox...It's not just ME that cares; it's the Fans, too!
Six stories id PLENTY for someone who's 20. Hell, when I was 20 I only had two stories!
Did you pass that math test?

clmcshane said...

*snerk* *giggle* We do indeed care.

That was a great read, Tony. Love the strawberry-banana smoothie picture and so sorry to hear you missed out on the swag-grab, those huge bags look like they may be useful.

Your descriptions are pure poetry, I can't wait to see/read the rest.

Tony Akins said...

Thanks Cinders!
I do believe that a colorful commentary, over even the most mundy situations (which this is not, by any means) can rivet an audience in place!
I spent the ENTIRE convention covetous of those sweet, sweet WB Swag Totes.

Barry Crain said...

I miss the San Diego Con, if only in a conflicted
love/hate 'Mitchum Fists' way.
Following your journal is almost better than being there, Tony.


fox said...

I don't know but I will say that no I did not. Nor do I care anymore. Screw UTD. In September I apply to Manchester. Sweet, sweet Manchester. Even if they don't want me, I am still moving before this country gets any more fascist.

TMALO70 said...

Welcome back Akey... Glad You had a Good Time, Sad tha You are now Illin'...

Later Holmes,


fox said...

Also, usually I always get a cold when I get back from a con... but this time, no cold! I guess you caught it before I could. Good work. =)