Friday, August 03, 2007

SDCC 2007, Pt.4: Explosive Endeavour,The Sequel

It was a dangerous time to be in this foreign land. A danger compounded ten-fold as I was a spy for the Imperial Chancellor at the request of my Grandfather, Admiral Fogleer of Her Majesty's Royal Flotilla. I was well-educated and a man seasoned in arms and military service. I spoke 7 languages, not including Latin. I had never, in my entire career in the Art of Espionage come so close to failure....But the game was not up yet! Not only had I this important mission to complete, but I had to get home, to my beloved Gwendolyn; the light of my life. Our marriage was to be in the Autumn. No other woman could be so cherished in my heart. She will be my only love.
I had secreted the documents I had stolen and my remaining gold in my codpiece. Indeed, mine is an old-fashioned family; Fogleer codpieces have been handed down for generations; and should I survive this foray into danger, I will ensure the tradition lives on!
The gates of the city were too well guarded to escape and make my crossing through open countryside. The Port at San Tyrone was my only chance. But the port was garrisoned by the formidable She-Pirates of Spain. If I were apprehended by these fierce Sea-Amazons, I am sure, they would show no mercy. Giggiddy!

Fox yucks it up in the DC Green Room; a merciful oasis when the floor gets too overwhelming.

Oh, great. She's standing right where they'll cross streams!

...built entirely from tissue and lark's bile.

Fox poses with Jedi Master Obi Wan, um...Rodriquez?

Here's Fox with "Hack/Slash", "Loaded Bible" Creator and fellow Chicagoan, Tim Seeley. Is the girl "Hack" or "Slash"? I forgets. This is the Devil's Due booth.

Fox and a..., Badger? Wolverine? Definitely not a Capybara!

The Sci-Fi Channel's alien ship is still a great draw! People don't realize this, but the calming lights lull you into a passive state, then BOOM!...You've been anally probed.

Yishan, Fox and a Templar Knight. These Knight aren't so mighty; you can see all that he has on under his halbert is a Hanes t-shirt!

I'm all for live music! This guy called down the Aboriginal thunder pretty well. Is he carving thees back there? Another musical floor-fav of mine were the roving Pirates: really great stuff. I wanted to sing along, but all I could understand was "RRRRrrr!"

More coming! This is like actually being the phuck there, ain't it?


clmcshane said...

It really is like being there. This is great.

Tony Akins said...

Thanks Cinders!
Just wait!

fox said...

Well, it's ALMOST like being there. But to get the full experience you need to put a bunch of unwashed nerds in a hot place for a while, collect all their clothes in a bag, put the bag under a leaky sink for a week and then take a big whiff.