Sunday, August 05, 2007

SDCC 2007, Pt. 5: The Passion of the Grist (for the Mill)

Trust me, I've no idea what day this is on the floor. Just roll with it.
These first three shots are an ad-hoc panorama of the DC Pad. The pad is very spacious and an easy place just to "mill" about; the carpet is a deep serene shade of blue and the banners reach up into the high ceiling like jungle canopy (wait, jungle cats live in those right?). A reader of this blog, with the proper software and generous motivation could marry these few images and effect a remarkable facsimile of actually standing amidst the throngs of fans.

Here's Matt Sturges, Co-Writer of 'Jack of Fables', Writer for 'House of Mystery' and soon to take over Bill Willinghams' 'Shadowpact'. And there's Fox; my "little stiletto of sunshine". Come ON!... how cute is she? With her spiked hair and school tie!? This is right after I met her her and already she's one of the gang. Both she and Matt are from Texas. Not 3 hours after I took this photo did I asked her to be my "convention girlfriend". OK, one of my convention girlfriends. But still, she was the MAIN GF!

The room that Matt and I shared. Yes, those are GAP glow-in-the-dark P.J.s; the red/star pattern. Fascinating, I know.

...let's see, view from the room...

Ha! I'm my own paparazzi!

Gah! Not used to the vibrate mode on the cell-phone. Tickles!

I'll be the phuck there! Dag, yo!

A four-goddamned-dollar hotel donut. I had two.

While I jab at Fox, Matt affects the attitude of a man who's had too much success in too short a time in comics.

Next Episode: Karen Berger hosts a dinner for the Vertigo Eisner Nominees!
Come on back!

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clmcshane said...

The problem with hotel doughnuts is not only they are expensive, but they aren't as fresh as yummy Tim doughnuts. The jammies are cute, though.

The crowd scenes are excellent photos, Tony.