Thursday, August 02, 2007

San Diego Comic-Con 2007, Part 2: Curb Your Enthusiams

As you may remember, we've made our way from the hotel after fortifying ourselves with AIRBORNE! and BACON! to pass into the Convention Center. Below, Bucky and Bill take up positions at the Vertigo table: our assigned MLR* for much of the convention...

Things are quiet. But then Matt's flank is probed by '100 BULLETS' editor, Will Dennis. We're taken off-guard for several critical seconds; just enough time for...

...Fans! Fans In The Wire!!!...OMG where'd they come from? These guys can't handle so many at one time. I'm serious! They wrap around the side of the tapestry and into Eric Powell's floorspace! Bill LOOKS like he's accepting a book to sign from a fan. In reality, he's deflecting a grenade! Holy Moly! I'm outta here! I didn't sign on for this, this...MADNESS! IIYEEEEEeeeeee....

EEEEEEeeeee...Hey, cool! A Tonkbot! But where's your fro?

After steadying my nerves I make my way back the table to find that it's now 'SCARY GODMOTHER', 'MAGIC TRIXIE' creator and artist Jill Thompson manning the table by her lonesome. Ain't she awesome? Meow.

Here, let's get a different view of that "sketch" she's doing. How do girls draw with those things (wonderful as they are) in front of them?
What? That was a purely professional question!

OK, back outside. Wow, this is what you'd expect in SoCAl, no? I believe these palms are all real. I know that LA has some that are not real. I'm lugging it back to the Manchester Grand...

The scale of the place always impresses me; and I'm from Chicago!

You know what would be cool? Filling those with water and having mermaids (fine, and a few mermen) flopping about up there. Those things are HUGE!

More impressive scale and grandeur. This Grand Lobby was added to join the second tower to the first. The former front desk of the original tower (way down there) is now the main spot for post con convening. On nights well into the shank of the con, this cavernous place bustles with folk. I greeted Thomas Jane TWICE in this very place (he was clenching an unlit cigar in his teeth; good prop)

Come on back! The first day hasn't even ended!

*Main Line of Resistance


fox said...

I didn't realize how ridiculously shiney that hotel floor was... It looks like you could sock-skate on that thing (hmm -- and why didn't we? Maybe next year).
Oh, and did that e-mail ever make it to you? Should I start sending courrier pigeons instead?

clmcshane said...

Clearly, next year you will have to bring a 'Fro wig to make sure that the Tonkbots are appropriately attired. Excellent part 2, by the way.

Tony Akins said...

Yes, Fox got your email. I happy that your cats are happy to have you home. Make sure you prepare them for Manchester!
Thanks Cinders! Part 3: This Time It's Impersonal, coming shortly!