Friday, August 03, 2007

San Diego Comic-Con 2007, Part 3:This Time It's Impersonal

Back on the Floor at SDCC! It's still the second day I think...Maybe the third? At this point does it matter?

Anyone who knows me, knows that I'm a HUGE flirt. I like the ladies. Shelly has permanently branded me with the title of Tony "I'm the Biggest Flirt" Akins.
My bark is worse than my bite, trust me. Here are a couple of my "convention girlfriends"; Yishan Li (TokyoPop Artist) and Fox (Ambitious Editrix-to-be).
Remember when you couldn't get a girl near a sci-fi booth? Yes, these are fine times my friends...fine times.

Fox and Yishan Li flank one of Lord Vader's personal bodyguard. Yishan believes the weapon is loaded. She knows a thing or two about loaded; she's a Chinese-national that draws top shelf Manga but LIVES in Scotland! The girl is a contender!

Fox plants one on the apprehensive Undead.

Display dismemberment; always high-larious.

1/12th scale Wardrobe Malfunctions; miniaturized, yet still scandalous!

...Barely Veiled Threats from Women with Bare Midrifs! Ooo, hit me with your best shot, baby! *Ow! Not with the collapsible baton! You crazed twist! Ow! I was speaking metaphorically*

More coming! The Eisner Awards approach!



el dooglas said...

just keep drinking my friend, just keep drinking. the only thing worse/great than comicon is E3...proud ta be veteran o' both...

Tony Akins said...

I can't imagine E3! I'd have nowhere to run! No artist table. No publishers' table. Holy PHUCK, No GREEN Room!
I'd be like those guys in that movie who were left adrift in shark infested waters.