Sunday, August 05, 2007

Hahaha, I gotta Pee!

Can you build a nuclear device using a car tire and a small amount of nuclear material?
Conventional explosives packed into a tire, when detonated would cause enough compressive force on a uranium core to trigger an atomic chain reaction? Please don't let this be possible. Because I rode the elevator up with a guy who was wrestling with a very heavy tire, on his way up to the 39th floor. I was half joking with E. that a device exploded at 300-400 feet off the ground has the desired effect. I told her about Hiroshima (airburst). Not TWO minutes later do I check my email to find my cousin Bill, a physician in Wisconsin had mailed me a poem by a survivor of Hiroshima.
So, if something bad happens in Lincoln Park over the next day or so...AVENGE MY ASS WITH A VENGEANCE!

More SDCC coming shortly (I hope)...

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Chris Opperman said...

Avenge your ass?! O.o

From what I know of your can avenge itself!