Sunday, July 22, 2007

The Summer So Far...

I gots the pre-San Diego Comic Convention jitters. SO here are a few calming, captured thoughts and memories from the Summer thus far...

Atmospherics: I called this one, "Cloud Wedgie".

Having something to look at when enduring a bout of insomnia: after a third attempt at sleep, I gave up and went to watch the sunrise on the Gold Coast.

Readying for the arrival of our Mutant Overlords. Their intergalactic vehicle can impact right...about...There! Right on top of Wrigley Field. I won't miss it!

Kitten lovin'!

Looking up through an open sun-roof.

Sudden, violent, wonderful napping!

Not having to wait 17 years to live it up.

Rubbing out a good sketch at a signing. Drawing out a good sketch, I mean.

The Ever-bustling Cityscape: I like keeping to the quiet of parallel side streets rather than the noisy, traffic laden avenues. So sometimes when I turn corners I'm confronted with surprises. This crane (nothing new) causes interest in normally unnoticed features in the hood.

Wishing that I had a Cello handy, and being really good at playing.

Hitting the Wine Bar wid dah Ladies!

In the Volvo, tear-assing down the Coast of Chevanston (Chicago/Evanston).

The g's...THE G'S! (grunt)

Dogsitting Dexter: there's no impromptu dog-toy too daunting. Even this Bigby Plushie.

Or no approach to familiarizing with said impromptu toy too inappropriate.

What a good pup!

Atmosphere: a wake, cut by the tower I call home, through a rolling bank of fog off the lake...

I'll see you all in San Diego!


Charlie said...

Hey Tony - great pics! Come by and see Alex Wald , myself, and the Rolling Thunder crew at booth 4901 in San Diego.

clmcshane said...

You'll rock them dead at SDCC, Tony.
Have a wonderful time and take pics for those of us who can't go...

arnie said...

you were completly boared out of your skull, weren't you.

just funnin', sometimes you manage to inspire me to see the world and my life differently, and appreciate it. than there are those times you confound an scare me..LOL see you atSDCC... Hopefully

TMALO70 said...

You Sketch, I'll RUB...


Have a Great time at SDCC... Maybe, next year I'll join You... When You get back, I'll catch You at the studio, and We'll work on some KEWL-ASS Stuff...

Later Aches,


el dooglas said...

damn, i used to live by the slerve on zee chevanston border on Northwhore! nice shots of the city, reminds me of....crack heads on clark ave. on a tuesday morning on my way to work wanting to know if i wanted to "party"!!!

must visit soon.