Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Heh-heh, Hey! Fuck You, America!

OK, so it's not the most mature behavior to have been sticking my fingers in my ears and going, "La La La La!" for the last 7 years to screen out the deeds of the current Administration. But I have to watch my blood pressure, so exercise, diet and curbing my rage is prescribed.
Of course, just as I let my guard down, some bit of news will reach me. Like yesterday, I heard about George Bush's Presidential move to commute Scooter Libby's sentence. I spent 45 minutes on a power-walk to get over THAT one.
God Bless America (5th best in quality of life on the planet).


ColScott said...

random question

do you have any idea how I can find that Andrew Rev character?

Tony Akins said...

Wow, Scott
you couldn't have pick a more appropriate entry to ask that question in.
I have no idea where to find THAT character. Word is that there's a Grendl project in the works. Rev would be lurking somewhere in the shadows of that as he has some part of the property. Get next to someone at Time Warner/DC (not me, though) and hang around until the hairs on your neck start to tingle and you smell a rat. Good Luck!

el dooglas said...

wow. two rats in one. post up sucka's.

Fred Schiller said...

Yet, as full of suck that our Presidents and other leaders can be, we still beat out the alternatives by leaps and bounds.