Sunday, June 17, 2007

The Black Van

Just came in from a great evening with my friend Steve Wagner of Astropolitan Productions. We caught Satoshi Kon's new feature, "Paprika". Excellent anime.
He also did 'Paranoia Agent' (an OVA series), 'Millennium Actress' and my fav of his, 'Tokyo Godfathers'. The latter two being features.
I'm too full of tequila to draw and too addled by a night of top-notch Anime on the heels of a night seeing a fantastic production of Tom Stoppards, "Arcadia" at the Court Theatre to do anything but post.
So here!
There's a story. I have some "Flight" worthy stories in me if the would just return my calls *pout, arms akimbo*


clmcshane said...

Is the red thing a crashed plane?
I love the tree on the side of the cliff.

Tony Akins said...

Hey, Cinders
no...the red thing is an "EYE"...the mountain thingie is waking up and trying to devour the like flying van as it goes by. I know it could have been a better drawing. But I try to be as fast as I can in the moleskines.
So sometimes, most of time, these drawings want for a more sense of completion. The idea is that these sketches will make it to larger more complete pieces.

clmcshane said...

Oooooh. That makes what I thought was afairly innocuous picture much more menacing. You still draw better than me :) I really like parts of the sketch - the trees at the top on the side, the shading and 3-d feeling of the rocks and cliffs on the lower left.

Is the circle by the van a mouth or a nostril?

Tony Akins said...

Just below the van is the mouth, with the lolling tongue. The circle behind the van is the propeller for the van in flight mode.

clmcshane said...

*sniff* I did recognize the propeller, so I'm not that bright.
Still it is a very cool drawing, Tony if showing that you have a twisted mind. Of course, that is an advantage when drawing Bill's and Matt's scripts...

Fred Schiller said...

Wowzers, Tony.
You hadn't been doing much posting as of late so I stop checking on you daily and slipped off to have a silent nervous breakdown. Today I take a quick peek and see that you've delivered the goods in spades--which is supposed to mean a lot, but the truth of the matter is that I own only one spade and a single hoe. I was examining them while sitting in the garage this morning. The carpet cleaners had come to suck up my filth so I hid in the garage and talked to Paul Mounts on the telephone. It was during this time that I focused on my spade and hoe.

I used to have a garden.

Anyway, great art. Thanks for sharing.

By the by--have you seen Babel yet? We finally got around to seeing it last night. We were both as astonished as I remember being after seeing 21 Grams. I was thinking about you during the movie because the Moroccan people look like you drew them--especially the older ones.

That's a compliment, FYI.

el dooglas said...

0h, ahhh, hmmm. ahahahhahhhhahaaaahahahahahahahahhahah---hilarity ensues!

Barry Crain said...

Y'know, Tones, this sketch & the Mark Schultz
freeform both remind me strongly of Rudy Nebres...and I mean that in a good, "Deadly Hands of Kung-Fu" Iron-Fisty kind of a way.

rick therrio said...

Hey Tony, it was great running in to you. Drop me a line when you get a chance.