Friday, June 08, 2007

I Had "Temporal Diaspora", That's It!

Really? You think it's bad waiting for the comic you most love in the universe (Jack of Fables) to get shipped to you? Just try LIVING with an issue! Don't get me wrong I love doing this for a living. But it does phuck up one's sense of time; panels and pages blurring together into an endless tiling of continuity; referring to previous issues for consistency in wardrobe and props...
So I FORGOT about drawing those 22 pages that made up issue 9...the ACTUAL issue 9, not the blog entry (below) that's really Issue 10! Thank you, Cinders (the Linkmaster) for calling that to my attention.
Just a reminder, "You Keep What You Kill." is NOT a wedding vow...Not a vow.
Why that's relevent? I'm sure someone will remind me.

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clmcshane said...

You are completely welcome, Tony, and they are always so much fun to look at. Now that we have the most excellent capybaras, do you think you could figure out a way to sneak a rockhopper penguin or two into the comic?