Thursday, June 14, 2007

The Lonely Rice Chronicles

Since I'm throwing hollas, I have to holla at Tony Maldonado over at 'The Lonely Rice Chronicles'. He may be my oldest link in my list as he's way down there at the bottom.
Like Barry Crain, I always get a kick out of seeing Tony's sketches and noodles. It's also fun to spend time with him; he's a regular visitor at Dovetail (my lair and lab).
Scoot on over to his blog (linked above) and take a look at his art and question your worthiness ( I do...Question my worthiness, not question yours. Why, should I?).

1 comment:

TMALO70 said...

THANKS AKEY!!! You give Me way too much credit... I LOVE Hangin' & Werkin' at the "DoveTail"... I'll post some Shiznites Tonite...