Saturday, November 25, 2006

Thanksgiving in Andersonville


el dooglas said...

looks like fun! i never thought of having dog for Thanksgiving before!

Fred Schiller said...

It looks like you had quite a feast to stuff into your face. I am curious about the one one food product that I believe is pictured in the eleventh photo from the top. It looks like bread or toast with some sort of white cream sauce covering it, topped with a slice of eggplant or some other veg. What in the world is it and how does it taste? Have a report on my desk by the morning.

Oh, I know you're not especially the pushy type, but you should suggest that the porch smokers pictured stop smoking. No good can possibly come from it, plus it dulls the taste buds.

Tony Akins said...

Yeah, the porch smokers. Not much I can do about's their porch; I'm the guest. The Korean guy is Wancy Yung Cho a writer out of Columbia; a good friend of mine and marvelously talented. Writers and smoking...noot much I can do to separate the two.
Those are CUCUMBER SANDWICHES! Very Jane Austin, no?

Anonymous said...

WHERE'S THE TURKEY MAN?????? although that pug would go great with some Sweet Uncle Ray's BBQ sauce!

Kathryn said...

great pics. please tell vazquez to stop being so freaking beautiful. my turkey day consisted of 2 bottles of red wine and crashing out at 8 pm. at least I didn't fall asleep with my shoes on, right?
happy holidays guapito!

el dooglas said...

i came back to see comments and just noticed one of the dogs is having "snout" for Thanksgiving.