Thursday, November 09, 2006

Hilarity Ensues

Hilarity Ensues
I should note that the "ghost" in the photos below is actually Jill in her living room on Halloween. SPOOOKITY!


arnie said...

you have a friend for a ghost? you have an interesting life Mr.Atkins

peace out

Tony Akins said...

Yes, well, at least a friend that knows how to take "ghostly" phantasmographs. Yeah, that's a "word".

Fred Schiller said...

The part of our brain that leads us see ghosts on a foggy night in a cemetery, or spiritual ‘orbs’ in the lens flare of a disposable camera is the same part of the brain that helps up learn when we are young. We want to see order in chaos, we want to fill in the blanks, so this makes us ready, willing and able to see the Virgin Mary in a grilled cheese sandwich or the ghost of a Civil War soldier reflected in the window of an old southern mansion. Give us half a chance and we’ll see just about anything—anywhere you want us to.

Plus, most of us really want to see a ghost. I know I do. We’re excited over the notion of being scared. If you think I’m wrong, I’ll buy you an extra large tub of popcorn when we go see Saw XIV next Halloween.

Tony Akins said...

Yeah, being scared is a great feeling sometimes. I guess there's much chance of it when all there seems to be for most of us is the occassional close call on the road. Sigh. I've heard that the two hemispheres of our brains had not fused until about 1500 years ago; hence so many people hearing voices of Angels or God (not realizing that they were simply hearing their own inner monologue).