Friday, November 24, 2006

Breakdowns; JoF#5, Yo

Hey, All...
Below is yet more bare-knuckled brain-boxing for our friends at Vertigo/DC. I guess, based on past loads of breakdowns placed here, seeing this process is interesting. Are you on drugs?


Shannon M. Wendlick said...

Thanks again for posting these up. Sadly this is the last month with the simplified little Humpty's I like so much.

Great art on this issue again.

Anonymous said...

We love seeing the process but not because we are on drugs. It's because creativity is fascinating and it's incredibly interesting to see how the ideas develop from the initial to the final form.

Plus your comments are awesome. Like Page 7 - Unbound Horror here (faint if you must) and I think the final version with the Panel 1 2/3rd of the row and Panel 2 broken into two is stronger than the original breakdown.

What is with the Charlemagne in Sweatpants comment? If Jack is Charlemagne I do not want to know.

Thanks for posting these, Tony.
They are terrific.

Anonymous said...

Shannon, I have full faith that the pride of Colchester will BOOM! again.

That was an awesome splash though...

Tony Akins said...

Thanks guys. I'll start posting the pencils tomorrow.
Hmm...Charlemagne in Sweatpants...I may have been listening to streaming radio and was just noting a song that I liked. I like the clever ones.
I'll often "cheat" a layout that's going to take some thought be simply writing a promisory note like "Unbound Horror", hoping that when the time comes I can hit the mark.