Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Put Your Moolah Where My Wallet Is (link)

Court Gebeau over at Comiconart is representing me regarding the selling of Original Art and Commissions.
Click on the title of this entry or exhaust precious knuckle grease typing in this URL
There are tons of other awesome artist throughput this site, but you're going there to see me (remember that).
There's some obscure stuff that you may like if "Fables" or "JACK of Fables" isn't your cup of tea (freak).
The famous Mullet Chase from Wildstorms' "Masks" (written by Jill Thompson) is there. As are copious "Hellbalzer: Papa Midnight" pages. Some featuring John Constantine (the REAL, John Constantine).


Fred Schiller said...

Hot Damn! Just in time for holiday gift giving!

I'm off to sell my goods at the local blood and sperm banks in order to raise some money.

el dooglas said...

you should be penciling Richard Morgan's books.."Altered Carbon, Broken Angels" etc. AND you should read and illustrate China Mielville's "Perdido Street Station." Or you and Fred should buy the graphic novel rights. I would do it myself but i'm too lazy. word.