Thursday, November 16, 2006

The Decemberists

I'm not one to not take joy in shaking a leg from time to time, but Shakira can only go so far. The Decemberists are crafty and smart and so damned good at what they do you're glad noone else is doing it. Go get ALL of their music. Now.

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Kathryn said...

Tony Akins!!!!!
You are absolutely right. The bad times help one appreciate the good so I should just stop my crying. But really, can anything ever be perfect? Since we´re from the land of complainers and capitalism, we´ll never feel successful enough, good enough, etc.

And I am having a good time. I am going to go Christmas tree shopping after turkey day and my friend Connie will spend Christmas with me in San Ramon. It should be great...I´ll have the San Ramon Christmas on the 24th and the gringo Christmas on the 25th.

Isn´t Memo just the cutest dog? And please stop bringing up Thai food. I still have 10 more months until that fun. And next time I WILL see you. You have never been B list to me.

Have a great Thanksgiving!
besitos, besitos, besitos,