Tuesday, November 07, 2006

So, then THAT Happened...

So I'm fresh off the phone with my editor, the Incomparable Shelly Bond; she says I'm fine. That the work I'm doing is "genius" and that my output is not compromising anything. Yes, I'm crazy; but it's good crazy. Still...I'm feeling pretty shaky. I guess I'll just have to ride it out. Which won't be a problem with Fred as my Queen.
Here's some photos Jill Thompson sent me to cheer me up. They're all of cemeteries and ghosts and of Dovetail (my studio) torn to shit; but still, she made the effort to cheer me up. We're meeting tomorrow so that she can kick my ass.


Katiria said...

Ah, Ghosts. Now there's something that's interesting. ^_^

If you're into that stuff and ever wanna know some cool haunted places across the country to check out, lemme know. I've had an encounter or two myself... :)

Anonymous said...

Yo Tony!

Man, the Jack of Fables stuff looks absolutely amazing. I have been following every issue: you've really come into your style.

Your stuff on Papa Midnite was great, but you have also had a clear progression since. It's like all the pages now have your distinct personality in them. Just lovely, man.

Your Former Writer (and hopefully again someday),

Mat Johnson

Tony Akins said...

What's up!?
Thanks for dropping by and for the compliment!
You know I just moved all of our PapaMinight work to Court Gebeau to sell!
There's some great stuff in that series. You writing "InCogNegro"? I heard the title first person I thought of was you, man :~)
Trying to hit that PapaMidnight flow on Jack.
I'm up for whatever you got coming down the line, Mat (just clear it with Shelly :~) )..
How's that beautiful family? You gonna be on NPR anytime soon?

Fred Schiller said...

I know we've been in and out of touch over the years, and there's plenty of stuff that we don't know about each other that we need to someday catch up on.

For example, that whole silly phase I went through when I was secretly drinking bleach. (Val kept buying Clorox at the grocery store but our whites weren't getting whiter)

Perhaps after I share some of my dirty laundry with you, you could fill me in on why you felt compelled to rent studio space in a storefront in downtown Noisyville USA. (Next door to a dry cleaner, of all things?) What, did that deal to rent the basement of Miss Janet's Tap Dancing Academy fall through?

You've changed, Tony. (You can't see it, but I'm shaking my head in bewilderment and amazement as I type this) Have you really become focused and sophisticated enough to work in an environment like this? I'm pretty sure that the old Tony, the one I used to know, couldn't have lasted twenty-six minutes in a space like the one pictured.

Good for you, Tony Akins. Good for you.

Tony Akins said...

Yeah, I've changed. I've stopped trying to match you cup-for-cup of bleach, Fred! Mojo Nixon has a song that Rich Powers really liked called, "I'm So Bored I'm Drinkin' Bleach"...I know you do it because you like the taste. Oddly, that Tap Dance studio is ACROSS the street from me. If you've seen "The Weatherman" with Nick Cage, it's the very same damce studio where he picks up his chain-smoking 10 year old daughter. The neighborhood isn't noisy. It's actually quite suburban for Chicago. The houses around here run around 900,000 to 2million and the Governor lives two blocks down the street. There's a park and actual Santa Ria offerings on the tracks of the Brown Line that run at ground level here.
I've been here for 8 years. Survived 4 studio mates and have inherited the place for myself. It's a little lonely, but i take in interns from the School of the Art Institute and manage to keep my plants alive.
Somehow, I draw comics. Presently all of this is a mystery to me. Fred, I trust that you and Mat and Matt and Bill and Brian will all put you heads together and come up with a coherent overview of crossing paths with me. Then I'm sure that there will be some syndrome named for you guys for having the experience of putting up with me.

Tony Akins said...