Wednesday, November 22, 2006

See Ya, N*****!

I had heard or had read or was told, somewhere, that "other peoples tragedies can often seem absurd". Well, tragedy this may not be. Though a crisis it definately is for comedian Michael Richards; and crisis, as the Chinese say, is nothing but a "dangerous opportunity". Human nature, generally, is completely absurd and therefore the source of hilarity for me. My own included.
Michael Richards has stepped in "it", no doubt. But the "dangerous opportunity" here is the opportunity to strike this word, apparently the "worst word in the English language", from the registry of casual usage in our daily lives. I've ALWAYS been uncomfortable with the word; hearing it and using it. For my money, the worst word in the Enlish language is the "C" word (here's a hint; it's NOT "communism").
Richards can bounce back from this, he seems to be actively seeking guidance from the accepted sources (he's prostrated himself before Reverend Sharpton). M'boy Paul Mooney (Negrodamus) says he should throw himself before the Holy Mother, Oprah. Whatever he does, I really hope that this word loses a great degree of traction in the general culture.

The best word in the English language, hands down; Fuck.

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Anonymous said...

Boy, if I had a nickle for everytime I hear that word in a rap tune, i'd be rollin like a rapper, drivin' durrty and feenin' fo' ma GAT!...well maybe not a good rapper. yea I still can't believe he lost it the way he did, but at least he apologized, though many people criticize his apology. None the less I can't help but feel sorry for him and Melvin Gibson and his little tirade, it seems to me the bigger you get in the public eye the less responsible and clear headed you get. Shameful but true. I'm sticking to comic books! BTW Tony....SWEET JESUS! nice stuff!