Sunday, September 30, 2007

Newcity 2007 Best of Chicago, Redux

OK, so my ever-expansive, yet oh so fragile, sense of modesty must step aside in order to accommodate those of you who won't follow the title/link in the previous entry... I love you despite your forcing my hand to such brazen chest-thumping.
Here (unbeknown to yours truly and in a deft conspiring that would rival that of the mercurial dealings of ancient Rome's Senators...Whoah, I'm watching way too much "DEADWOOD") is the conclusion that the unfathomably talented and perceptive staff and contributors of Newcity found themselves confronting (yeah, far too much "DEADWOOD"):

"Best local mainstream-comic-book creator

Tony Akins

The “Big Two” companies, Marvel and DC, spent much of the past year fleecing their audiences with over-hyped, convoluted, company-wide crossovers that you need a PhD in Dorkology to follow. That’s why we love us our Vertigo books. One of our favorite titles from the DC imprint is the Eisner-nominated “Jack of Fables,” a spin off from Bill Willingham’s wildly popular “Fables” series. In penciling the adventures of Jack Horner, Tony Akins makes every facial expression count, from a devious eyebrow arch to a calculating smirk. We also love the way he draws Humpty Dumpty and Paul Bunyan, too."

Now, I can pass for holding, at best, a Bachelor's in Dorkology; never felt there was much need for anything beyond what I could put to proper use.

Again, thank you to Newcity. Hail to ALL of Chicago's local creators! Huzzah, VERTIGO! Viva, FABLEDOM!

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Fred Schiller said...

Your friends have known that you were tops since way-back. I'm glad the rest of the world is catching up.

I love you to pieces, buddy, keep up the great work.

And a word of warning from the King of the Typo (where did I leave my crown?), 'Whoa' only has one 'h'.' I believe that Whoah is a ceremonial bread that all good Jewish children find stuffed in their shoes on what is our Christmas morning. Some of them eat the bread while others roll it up into little balls and flick it at one another all day long.

Later days--