Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Get A SecondLife! In FABLETOWN?

There are few things that I miss about working in gaming...OK, maybe there's NOTHING I miss about working in gaming. But I do fondly recall laying out and designing worlds at an isometric (?) perspective. In fact, I do this still for my own enjoyment; using a precut tile template to use as a guide for a building sketch.

Here are a couple of the "idle" ones...

Goofy, I know. But it beats smoking to pass the hours.

Speaking of passing the hours, I'm fascinated by SecondLife. I'm not the only person. Last week I had officially caught up on ALL of my FABLES reading and just like when I was child reading Richard Scarey, I wanted to immerse myself in the geography and environs of the fiction. This means drawing...
At first I believed I was charting uncharted real estate, then I stumbled over Bill's maps of Bullfinch Street and the Farm. Undaunted, I kept on. What I gained from my stubborness was a good fix on what the addresses are on the street. Then based on Bill, Lan and Bucky's art I began to draw isometric elevations of Bullfinch buildings.


Why not? Besides, I'm waiting for script, so this is "me" time.

Here are the first Bullfinch drawings...

...and here is where the Madness begins.

Why can't WE have a Fables Community in SecondLife?
Where we could become our favorite Fables?
Avatars customized to character, spells, the buildings and places from the series?
There, I've dared to dream it. Who'll dare to Do it?

I'm looking at Bill and he's giving me the thumbs up (OK, so I'm imagining he'll do that).


clmcshane said...

So do we get to see the rest of the building drawings?


Tony Akins said...

Soon, Cinders, soon.

ShojinStudios said...

GAWWDDAMMITTTT Tony why must you be so damm talented WHY!!!!???.... Oh did I say that outloud, tee hee, I meant Great Work buddy!!

fox said...

I'll tell you a secret about where his talent comes from: Tony is no
less than five hundred years old and has been many artists across the
years. He gains eternal life through kitten huffing and bleeds yellow,
magenta and cyan on alternate days of the week.

For more on kitten huffing, see the uncyclopedia.