Sunday, August 27, 2006

More Character Work-ups

Hey. Throwing out some more initial stabs at JoF. These are a few pages of character documents. Old Sam only rated a page in the moleskine as I had a pretty good idea of where I wanted to go with him. Whereas, Pris has more sheets than Goldie and Jack combined. The extra/ failed attempts at Pris Page either became the basis for Robins' appearance or a germ for the likely look of the "Third Page"...
I still get a kick out of seeing how I began chasing Goldie. I thought that putting a wrench in her hand would make her sinister and threatening; it only made her look capable. Shelly insisted on loosing the "big hair" (good thing). Had to move away from the whole atheletic goddess thing and think more whining malcontent. Bingo.
If you read Issue 22 of Fables, "Cinderella Libertine", then you may know that I chose to draw Cinder with a petite frame.
This departure from previous versions of her was simply my riff on her story. Cinder wasn't a tall amazon; she was, for lack of a better word, the runt.
If I were drawing a book that allowed me to exploit the superhuman dimension, I would. But one of the things I really enjoy about Fables is the variation on the human body types.
So Goldie comes off a bit fuller in these sketches, and really trims up a bit on the actually page (I imagine that she vents a good deal of her spite through cardio training).
The Bagmen were based on old KKK outfits from the 1860's, then reigned in a bit because it was freaking me out. Then Bill requested the goggles to be added and tada!
The thing over M.Thenardier is a noodle for Babe's Cow, er...OX bell.
Mary, Mary indeed.


Shannon Wendlick said...

Another great treat here. Thanks again for posting this kind of stuff. I have said it before but I like to think of this blog as the DVD extras for JoF's. Great stuff. I like some of the creepy looking pass one takes on Mr. Revise. Thanks again.

Just me, again

Tony Akins said...

Thanks Shannon!
DVD extras is a great way to put it. If I could get Bill, Matt, Andrew and Shelly to add their comments; huge bonus.
Yeah, Pass One on Revise...Bill wanted "the most evil villian in comicbook history; I want Dr.Doom meets Skeletor meets Alien meets Donald Rumsfeld"..(ok I added the Rumsfeld bit).
I remember thinking, as I often do when talking to Bill, "Holy Crap. OK..." LOL
But there's nothing more sinister than a mincing, anal retentive, type-A, old, squintty-eyed, magoo-lookin', pencil-moustache-having, goggled-eyed, suspender-wearin', pinky-ringed, magic-hatin', concentration camp commandant that Mr.R seems to be.

HartCactus said...

Mr. Revise could be played by Peter Cushing...

Pretty close ain't it Tony?

Tony Akins said...

Holy smokes. Peter Cushing would be dead on!

TMALO70 said...

Remarkable as Always Akey... You never cease to Dazzle me with your Expertise... This thing is, "OF THE MUTHA'FUCKIN' CHAIN YO'!!!