Sunday, August 13, 2006


By the second-third week in June (at this latitude, at least) the Northern Catalpas are in full bloom. Summer really has not arrived in Chicago until this happens. Yes, I have certain NCs that are my that a PROBLEM? >8~(
This particular tree is at the corner of Waveland and Wayne and impressive because there's a healthy covering of Wrigleyville (it's in Lakeview West, actually) Ivy covering it's trunk.. Considered a "dirty tree" because of the amount of detritus it creates throughout the season (long seed pods, dropped blossums and the large spade-shaped leaves) this badboy grows fast and gives great shade; plus it's got great character! Hmm, maybe that's not Ivy...
OK, "Squidbillies" is on...Later.
Damn..I've seen it...


HartCactus said...

the last pictures really cool! great perspective! thanks for sharin' Tony.

TMALO70 said...

GOOD!!! I thought I was the only one watchin' "SquidBillies"... Oh yeah, nice tree and stuff... Oh QuitchYaCryin' !!! I said it was nice... ;O)}

Later Akey,

Candy ((( All Choclatey and Delicious )))

Tony Akins said... get a "chin-job"?