Friday, August 11, 2006

Jack Horner Character Work-ups

After finding out that I had been picked as the regular penciller for Jack (which didn't even have a title at this point), all I had as far as work were the initial character designs. It's the general process of submitting and resubmitting, then slyly doing whatever seems to work out over the course of the characters natural "evolution" on the page. I notice that early on, I drew Jack in a lot of unflattering low-angle shots. I believe I may have stopped that at this point.
Here are the first passes fo Mr. Horner. I saw him as being up to no good(as usual), so a shovel seemed to be in order; Cool Hand Luke.

For some reason I thought that Paul Pope would work...the ladies like Paul Pope. My intern at the time, Caitlin McKay and my longtime studiomate Jill Thompson would Ooo and Aah over photos of Pope in some interview I figure why not give it a shot. I guess I thought having him pose by a water fountain would re-enforce his badassedness.
This is the final "close-enuf" sheet. He's pretty pretty here. So you'll notice as I read the final script and got to know JH a little better I made some changes on the fly; dropped the hairline nearer the brow, etc.
Man, a little short on the leg-length there...Oh well.



HartCactus said...

Cool work-ups! I prefer the "Paul Pope" one...not cuz it's Paul Pope...but because of the hip style Jack is giving off.

TMALO70 said...

I didn't even know what Paul Pope looked like... Always a pleasure seein' your process Akey... Especially when it comes to developin' a characters look... More...


Tony Akins said...

Thank you thank you. C-man the new studio windows should be in this week (it's only been a month and a half)...Then I'll be back there per usual. I've been working (trying) at home for the last month...I miss my lair!
Miss having you come by.
Anyway, that's the status.
Hart, yeah, the hip factor was excactly what I was shooting for when choosing the Pope likeness.
I had drawn Jack before, but more or less as a seedy kinda grifter; that issue will see print I swear!