Sunday, August 27, 2006

An Egg, Cavalier

I'm always guarded about what I know and what I post; don't want any spoilers. A contributor at did some research and has begun to uncover some good stuff on Mr.D.
I love Fables fans. They're notch above the rest, I say.
Here's a sketch of Mr.D during his work-up. Before Shelly Bond had me lose the jaunty chappeau.


Cindy McShane said...

Love the hat. Want the hat.

TMALO70 said...


Personally, I enjoy a Jaunty Chappeau... I don't really have the melon for it, but clearly Humpty does...


P.S. Oh, and i posted on my blog... Twice today, in fact... SFX: Squealin' Electric Guitar at Volume 11... RAWK!!!