Saturday, April 29, 2006

Next to the word "danhead" in the dictionary...

As usual, the title of this entry can be demystified by clicking on it.
Anyone who's a fan of the band in question knows the value of subversion. From Beat to Burroughs; through the Birth of Gibsonian CyperPunk and on through the Steamy Conduits that power the Fever Dream Generators of Deja Vu Futurism...there's no intelligent counterculture to the N'er-Do-Well Decades-to-come without an appropriate soundtrack.
If you don't believe me, then you haven't really listened to their music.


Fred Schiller said...

"She thinks I'm crazy
But I'm just growing old"

Tony Akins said...

"Just by chance
You crossed a diamond
With a pearl
You turned it on the World,
That's when you turned the World around."

How're you feeling Fred?

Tony Akins said...

"Is there gas in the car?
Yes there's gas in the car!
I think the people
Down the hall
Know who we are.
Careful what you carry,
Cause the Man is wise;
You are still an outlaw
in their eyes.
Get Along!
Get Along, Kid Charlemagne!
Get Along Kid Charlamagne!"

Fred Schiller said...

Thanks for asking. The kidney stone is still hanging in there for dear life. I'm thinking of taking a cue from Deadwood and going up there with a wire coathanger. You'll probably hear the screaming from from there.

I am trying to catch up with my reading and I think I'll dig out some Steely Dan CDs and get a bottle of grapefruit wine.