Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Fretfully, indeed.

I am in a mood. A moody cuss, I am. For several nights now, my sleep, though restful and long (I'm a nine hour man) has been troubled by dreams. These are nothing more than the anxious stirrings of a highly imaginative mind whose fecundity has been spiked by stress. (What?)
These dreams suck. So here are some more images from dreams had in happier times. Yes, I consider these "happier".


Fred Schiller said...

Don’t fret your dreams. They’re simply clumps of random code that the MCP uses to flush out your data buffer during your nightly maintenance protocol. They mean nothing.

Tony Akins said...

OK, but where's my lightcycle? I should have a lightcycle. I WANT MY LIGHTCYCLE!!!

Fred Schiller said...

Tony, don't you remember? That prick Flynn borrowed/stole your lightcycle and plowed it into a tank and de-rezzed it.