Sunday, April 09, 2006

Crab Rangoon

I'm posting this in the spirit of the latest post on Tony M's "lonely rice chronicles" (see blog listing at right). I research the shit out of things. This often leads to a diminished view of the world and the things in it that I may have once enjoyed and/or thought was cool. In the furry animal comic (nothing against furry animal comics, I draw more than my share of talking furries in "Fables") Yojimbo, the Samurai rabbit carries the great sword Kusanagi-no-Tsurugi, the legendary "Grass-Mower" or "Cloud Cluster Sword". I love the origin mythology of Japan (not that lame-assed version Tom Cruise panted at the start of "The Last Samurai"). Much better than the origin mythology of Kenosha ("magic elf feces. indeed). Anyway, in researching a story I came across the origins of swords in Japan; cultural influences, smithing, etc...Plus the epic story of where the "Grass-Mower" was lost at the Battle of Dan-no-Nura. At any rate, Yojimbo's sword, if it is indeed Kusanagi, should not resemble the standard idea of a samurai sword. It should like this:
The sheath for the sword is covered in what is actually tiger's fur, hunted in Korea. The influence for swords in the Japan of that era was from the mainland; China and Korea. There's supposed to be the reclaimed "Cloud Cluster" in a temple in Japan, proof of the Emperor's Divine Rite to the Throne of Japan. Most likely it's a "replica". Your lesson for the day. If Ninja get me avenge my ass, Tony.


Fred Schiller said...

How dare you attempt to point out Tom Cruise's shortcomings. He's the only one allowed to do that. You're just a sore head because YOU can't master the art of the Samurai during a twenty-minute montage.

Jealous much?

As Dirty Dragon was fond of saying, Fie on you!


Barry Crain said...

I love that sword, Tony..that would be the weapon I'd pick for Nuihc, the evil nephew of Chiun from the "Destroyer" paperback series.

"All these others are as but shadows..Sinanju is the sun."

Tony Akins said...

I knew that posting an edged weapon would draw you out like casting chum and flailing tobacco lobbyists along the Austrailian coastline. I am honored.

TMALO70 said...

Oh Akey... You are such an InfoPhile... Remember when Toys-R-Us used to have cool toy swords??? Now, they all look stoopid, and break so easily... Edged Weapons RAWK!!!


Fred Schiller said...

Ancient weapons are no match for a good blaster at your side.

Or so I've heard.

michael said...

Just found this blog from a link on

Must say I didn't know Kusanagi was a double-edged, straight sword, though it makes perfect sense, since the single-edged curved swords didn't develop until long after the mythic period in Japanese history.

Cool. I'll have to start reading this blog more often.

Tony Akins said...

thanks Michael,
I'll try to keep it interesting for you!!!