Saturday, April 01, 2006

More of what would have been...

Here's a couple more samples from the "Cauldron" files. This is the first posting of a thumbnail. Big whoop. But the thumbnailing process is SO important for me. It allows me to process the script and wrap my head around what the writer and editor need to see; more importantly, it gives me a chance to place the word balloons and captions, which are the most important part of the layout stage. This scene was one which was one of several selected to showcase how I'd handle each of the three principle characters in the story and the hardware that's associated with them. This chick,Sooky, who's Korean-American has a father that designs high-end performance autos. It's a night scene and I really enjoyed envisioning what the reflected starfield in the body surface of the car and the blur of the reflected trees would have looked like colored. Oh, well. You can get a sense of what coulda been (ah, don't play that way). I think that Sooky is a little uncute in this art. Oh, well, again. HaHA!



Poll said...


I like your blog !

Hart said...

I especially like panel #3...very nice birds eye view.