Monday, April 10, 2006

Fred, you have no idea...

There's a famous Suffragette, her name escapes me, who penned something eloquent and moving which I can only butcher at present...Basically it's about the nature of the human heart and it's secrets and longings, and how there are things so deep within a hearts' longing not even the angels could ever gain knowlege of it. Well, this isn't quite one of those things. I wish it were. It's close, though. I used to live for this show when I was young(er); many phuct up adults who grew up in Chicago in the 60's and 70's may make the same confession . This TV show may have scarred me (why wasn't ZOOM created earlier!). In fact, my devotion to this show is what may have been staying God's Hand in striking me with some other horrible affliction; His Pity is indeed Infinite. I think about this show more often and involuntarily than I'd like to confess. Thanks, Fred...first the Woodstock Underoos, now this dark brainworm.
Click the post title and recoil.
"Would you use your Powers for Good, or for Awesomeness?"

Awesomeness...hands down.


Fred Schiller said...

I thought my Dirty Dragon quote might cause you to prick up your ears.

When I was a kid I wanted to draw cartoons as good as BJ, pucker up people with my jokes like the Lemon Joke Kid, and be as expressive as The Blob.

I grew up not being able to do any of those with much success, but I have gotten pretty good at painting things I see in the clouds.

I'm glad I was able to strike a nerve in you today (In a good way--not like a dentist), or as the Blob would say, "Neah mulahh malllo vah!"


TMALO70 said...

I never caught Cartoon Town... But I did spend my Sunday Mornin's watchin' GiggleSnort Hotel... How I Loved that show... Hmmm, maybe my impressions of Blob was why my teachers thought I had Tourettes... Thanks for the trip down memory lane...


Steve P.-O. said...

My ma took me to see that cat live one day -- scared the livin' bejeezus outta me!

Might order one of them DVDs one day, but $25 for two half-hour eps? Yoiks!

Fred Schiller said...

Oh, man! You're lucky, Steve p.-o.,
I would have wrestled three strong brothers (or a small bear) to have seen BJ and Dirty Dragon live on stage. It would have been cool to see Svenghoulie or his son as well.