Sunday, February 10, 2008

What's Ahead In 2008

In the words of Professor Farnswoth, "Good News everybody!".
'08 puts me back in the saddle after a multiple issue hiatus from "Jack of Fables". This year will see my contributions to the title on no less than 9 issues. Beginning with JoF#21 "Gary Does Denmark". GDD will be my first credit as both Penciller AND Inker on a single issue of Jack.
It's written by my beloved Matador Sturges; I guarantee that you'll laugh so hard that you will sprain your vagina or scrotum if not in the proper state of relaxation.
I did.
So there's going to be ass-loads of art that will be getting uploaded on the blog again. Hopefully this will please you. There will be commissions posted shortly and new sketches and collaborations.
You can also find me on
So to kick off this new epoch of awesomeness, here are some promised photos; a first installment of the last of the SDCC pictures...

So, Friday night was the "Fables Family Dinner", I think...Maybe it was Saturday night. Anyway, there was a FFD. It was at Prado, a very nice place out by the Zoo.
Here's the exterior.
I want to see archers and grenadiers and shit.

Here's our arrival. A wedding party (a large one) was in the throes of exuberant occupation of a good portion of the grounds. A bloody, deadly run-in over cabs will ensue later.

Matador Sturges and Bill Willingham...

Striking that pose from "The Untouchables". That's Danny Vozzo's daughter on the right.

Here's Lou L. and Bucky.

Lovely Shelly Bond.

James Jean, yet to be hindered by the multiple awards heaped on him in the coming day...

Danny V., Steve L., Trina Robbins and Andrew P.

Lettering mogul, Todd Klein. Visit his website in my links to the right.

LOL. Look at Bill back there!

Un-ID'd creator along with the "dishy" Tara McPherson and Shelly Bond.

Mmmm, speaking of "dishes"...peach mousse with berry and mango sauces topped with a peppermint stick.

It's weird to see people that I can visit by walking a block from my home, hundreds of miles away in San Diego. Tom from Chicago's GRAHAM CRACKERS COMICS (also seen as "Comic Shop Mike" in JoF) gestures for a potty break. Sorry, Pal.

Later, I jacked this bitch from the wheezing gimp that was driving it without using his hands. Turns out that when he's in heavy traffic you can totally just walk up on his ass.


The Pirate Band! These bastards really were great! I just wanted to follow them around the floor. They really need a monkey to complete the act!

Con intern Fox meets ShinChan!

Then she gets "furred" by Sam and Maxx.

I got to hang and watch Cecil Castellucci of Minx shop the floor. Too cute! She's TINY!!! We're at Tara M's booth here.

I've already got that in green, babe.

No lie, this is Harvey Korman's SON! Christopher Korman. Too cool! That werewolf bit in "High Anxiety" always, always kills me!

More to come!!!

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