Tuesday, January 29, 2008


Brown Line to Francisco Station.
Rain. Sun. Snow. Day and Night. Training to the studio.
Training from the studio.
Watching for the new graffiti by rooftop ass-clowns.
I should put a paintball anti-tagging team together and collect some bounty on their punk-poseur asses. Yeah YOU, blanco nino!
First ice in the river. First bloom on the Acacias in Ravenswood.
Any cat loitering in a window above an alley. Hello.
I'm sorta bored but always have the music to color the thoughts and non-thoughts. Great for blocking the cellphone conversations of angry Serbian women, or the chatter teenagers.
NOTHING blocks out the thoughtwaves of the Kreplar-men and their invisible heater-dogs. God help me! HEY! That's MY threshold you're bargaining with, Missus MacKintosh, thank you very much!

Why?...It's gone so QUIET!

1 comment:

arnie said...

no, we still love you, we're just to lazy to type. now back to drawing lazy man...

peace out